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Mt Olive Baptist Church is here to serve you and your family. We are a small growing, vibrant church community which consists of people who are seeking more of God and His will for their lives. Our congregation is open to all, from the person beginning to seek answers to basic questions about Christ and the Bible to the person who has been in the faith for many years. We have many ministries available to all!









Sunday School


Sunday School at Mt Olive wants to change lives for Jesus Christ by evangelizing the lost and discipling those who respond to the Gospel through our classes.  This is the Great Commission.


Find a place to explore the Bible in a Sunday School Class.  Special programs are offered for Children and teens 


Sunday School 9:00a - 9:45a.  Click Here to join us on Zoom.








Sunday Morning Service

On Sunday morning we gather together for worship at 10:00 AM.  This service is a time of celebration as we worship together and explore God’s Word.  The songs in this service draw from the most familiar songs of the church as well as new songs of praise that focus our attention on Christ.


Each week, Pastor brings insight and perspective that cause the scripture to come alive.


Sunday Morning Worship 10:00a on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Zoom.


Children's Church

Children's Church ages 3-11yrs at 12:00p on Zoom.  Click Here for more information.

 (available 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays)


Adult Bible Study

God wants you to thrive so you can lead a positive life in a negative world. But to flourish in all areas of your life, you have to want to be successful. You must desire more for every area of your life—especially spiritually. So come join us on Wednesday nights as we study God's word indepth to help us lead a more fulfilling life.


 Bible Study on Wednesday's at 6:30p on Zoom.  Click Here for more information.



Mt Olive Baptist


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